Proportioned in Style
Proportioned in Style
What do you think of “Beauty”?  What do you think of “Golden Ratio”? 
Will the specific standard be the answer for all?
“Golden Ratio” , the concept originated from ancient math, then arts and daily life affected, from architecture to painting, people looked for the great harmony things in the world, including scientists and artists, and the ratio math value 1.618…. was thought as something well proportioned, the so called “golden ratio”.
When the crowds follow the same rule, same standard, what’s the uniqueness of individual? 

Should we copy from each other?
Studies proved that art makes people unique and attractive!
Enjoying the beauty of arts, reaching to work-life balance by studying and releasing in arts, you’ll find your own uniqueness and re-arrange proportion of life, that’s your own “golden ratio”!
30% sense + 50% sensibility + 20% flexibility :
Be flexible sometimes, be serious sometimes, the rules of style are set to be broken ~

40% working time + 30% leisure time + 30% studying time:
Living for work, working for studying, the ratio varies up to individual life planning, the one fits is the "golden ratio" for your life.
The “Golden Ratio” of wardrobe

COOB & NAUTILUS, an independent designer brand from Russia, extending the life of traditional wood crafts by modern designing.
Well precisely proportioned leathers and wood materials, professional craftsmen ship, COOB & NAUTILUS, the perfect combination of wood and leather, each handbag is the artwork different from that of mass production.
The thickness of wood material is only 0.6 mm, light but with natural texture and grain!
The combination of genuine leather and ebony, made the artwork elegant and classic; the combination of genuine leather and white Ofram, made the artwork chic and modern!  

No matter what ratio of wood materials used:
60% wood + 40% genuine leather , or 30% wood + 70% genuine leather, the multiple medium combination makes each handbag unique and stylish, and suits for each occasion, this is the golden ratio of COOB & NAUTILUS.
The Golden Ratio of Light & Shade

There’s always something beautiful and joyful around us in daily life, but we sometimes take them for granted…..
Xun Lin, a product designer in day time, also a photographer when leisure times, catches the beauty of lights & shades by camera, by the art of photography, Xun found his work-life balance and created his own golden ratio of artworks and life….. (more)