Looking for one’s Balance

Living in the concrete jungles, walking on the rush and crowded streets, everyone looks for one’s balance by every means.
Being with something soft and something strong, enjoy the beauty of art, believe in art, believe in yourself, reaching to your balance in an elegant way.
Carry Away in style, keep in balance
COOB & Nautilus since 2012, Moscow, Russia
With help of the richest forest source, the founder Mr. Nikolay Kisilev is professional in wood materials, from furniture to accessories, wood gives warmness and natural texture, wood material could be applied to daily usages, not just a stool, but chic and style accessories- the brand: COOB & Nautilus born in Moscow 2012…
Born in nature
Combining traditional craft skill with the aesthetic of natural material- wood, the colors and patterns born in nature, each hand bag gets different natural patterns, and this is the art of nature. Only using natural and local wood materials, all the products produced in Russia, gentle handmade craftsmen ship and natural wood materials leading to a chic and balance lifestyle. 
Only choosing the best and natural wood material, from walnut, oak to ash, to save the original wood grain and warm texture, only natural manufacturing process accepted, step by step, from designing, materials selecting to forming a hand bag, complex processing takes few weeks to few months...
And the precisely professional skill in combining two different materials well – wood and leather, helps each hand bag keep high standard quality but in light weight, makes each hand bag be the unique art work of nature. 

Carry GEOS in Balance
Starting from a spot, lines coming out and a square omposed. The original  component of graphics, sharp and clear, geo graphics sometimes coming out in an elegant way, sometimes in style of minimalism. Applying geo graphics on the wood surface, geo lines and wood grain compose the well mix match art work, a kind of balance in style.