Awaiting for the artwork in an envelope
Still remember those days writing some messages on cards and send to your friends?  Would you prefer receiving wishes by hand writing than likes on FB?
Few years ago, when Nicky heard from one of her friend, the handmade card, and she could touch the warmness while opening the envelope.... humble designing and specific colors for her only, different from that by email, this is a kind of art in an envelope!  Since then, Nicky looks forward to receiving cards from her friend while holidays.  For the beauty and warmness sent by the handmade card, Nicky started making cards to friends as well.
From watercolor to heat embossing, multiple mediums used by Nicky in making cards, for kids, for friends, for each holiday, humble but colorful artworks, even a piece of card, people await for receiving something warm and surprise, then smile when opening the envelope....
The bookmark for Mother's Day~ Gentle watercolors of rose quartz, peach echo and fiesta created the sweet holiday for mothers~

Inspirations come from everywhere, from trending on the street to daily life with family, Nicky keeps exploring and creating, hopes to deliver joy to people by the handmade card, believing this kind of warmness will encourage people much than the likes on FB.

The Halloween card: watercolor mixture of blues and purples made the sky mysterious, the moveable lovely figure delivered the best wishes from Nicky.
The card inspired by Rapunzel: for one little girl’s romantic dream, with watercolor mixture of rose pink, baby blue and purple, also something gold on the card, a lovely card with light delivered the warm wishes to people.