Explore Life In Style
Life is kind of adventure, everyday people start a journey by going to school, going to work, and sometimes going shopping, or taking a short day off, despite of everything you’re used to, by looking at from another angle, you’ll find something different.   
Since 1880, thanked to the industrial revolution, growing economic and convenient railway system helped the trending of vocation in South France, lot of European artists who had been tired of bored, dumb scenery of the North went to the South to look for something fresh.  
Such as the hot spot : Mount Sainte Victoire in South France, this became the subject of paints by both masters Paul Cezanne and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. 
Mount Sainte Victoire in South France
Mount Sainte Victoire by Paul Cezanne.
Mount Sainte Victoire by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Michael Kluckner, the artist from Vancouver, Canada, loves traveling and sketching, this is the way for him to explore the world and life, let’s start the journey with his traveling sketches here.
And you?  How would you like to start the journey today?

Stella Soomlais, an independent designer from Talin, Estonia, loves nature and leathers, to be friendly to the earth, natural vegetable tanned leathers are mainly material of the bags, all the bags were designed in clean and sharp style, with smart functions for each occasion of daily life.
Very less decoration but useful functions, for going to library, taking a short day off, working hard… etc., you can carry each of them as the best partner of your daily journey.