Speak softly love on the wood, story telling artist : Viktor Dubovik 
With the help of rich and beautiful forest surroundings, wood carving artist Viktor Dubovik knows and loves woods very well since childhood at Bryansk, Russia, after graduating from Bryansk Art School, till now, Dubovik has been working in the field of wood carving art over then 25 years, not only the talent helps, but also the passion, all the Dubovik family members are professional in wood carving, including his wife, son and daughter. 
Starting from selecting the proper wood material, then decreasing moisture by natural drying process, combining professional carving skill and art aesthetic, step by step, taking few months to few years,  creating the figures with ideal composition, and of course, passion and love makes the art works alive.

Not only presenting lively figures, but also telling stories by composition arrangement – every time when you look at the art works, you can feel the warmness of the wood, there seems the figures coming out from the frame, playing some stories for the viewers. 
Single medium for art, multiple presentation of art works- Dubovik creates vivid art works with woods only, but presents art aesthetic in some ways: depth extending, strong contrast of light and shadow, complex composition… etc., from landscape to painting still life, each art work speaks softly one’s own story. 

Could you feel the warmness from the art works? 
Who left the fruits just pick up from the forest on the table? 
Did you smell the aroma of food filling in the air?

Dubovik combines professional wood carving skills and art aesthetic, making the wood carving art works reach to the perfect balance. 

At the same time, the woods help people leading to a healthy balance, too.
We’re always used to the surroundings and pass by something may be different from usual, despite of limited sources we’ve had, creative inspirations comes out in everywhere, by every means, looking to the bright side, arranging properly proportion of what you’ve had, believing in yourself, believing in art, art aesthetic inspires and helps people release emotions, reaching to the perfect balance.