Art is Long , Life is Short

The man who spending life by art and travelling, Michael Kluckner .... ( more )
Art of Light & Shade
There’s always something beautiful and joyful around us in daily life, but we sometimes take them for granted…..(more)
Awaiting Something Lovely Leads to a Better Life – take time to find the aesthetic by independent designers. 
Expectation leads to better life!  Being tired of daily routines, being used to what you’ve had...(more)
Awaiting for the artwork in an envelope
Still remember those days writing some messages on cards and send to your friends? (more)
Reaching to Balance in Style 
Thanks to the richest forest resources in the world, with 1/4 of the forest in the world, over 45% of the continent covered by forest...(more)
Speak softly love on the wood, story telling artist : Viktor Dubovik 
With the help of rich and beautiful forest surroundings, wood carving artist Viktor Dubovik knows and loves woods very well since childhood at Bryansk, Russia...(more)
Lovely Greens by Free Spirited Artist: Mirjam Molder- Mikfelt, from Estonia

What would it be like to hear music in colors, to taste voices, to see each letter and number as a different color? Synesthesia is....(more)
Relaxing in Nature Greens of landscape by Chaio-I Chang, Taiwan 

Windmill: selected by USA North Light Books’ 2017 watercolor competition Splash 19 : Variation of greens made the landscape peaceful and harmonious...(more)