Touching the movement of Greens
Lovely Greens by Free Spirited Artist: Mirjam Molder- Mikfelt, from Estonia

What would it be like to hear music in colors, to taste voices, to see each letter and number as a different color? Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which the stimulation of one sense leads to an instant and involuntary response in a second sense. Synesthesia is the mixing of the senses.

Mirjam Molder-Mikfelt, free spirited artist from Estonia, inspired by nature & synesthesia, transforming sounds and emotions into colors, especially green color, Mirjam’s favorite color, the color of peace, harmony and energy, the childhood memory of playing in woods also is an odd for her artworks.  Keeps working in creating artworks, delivering love and joy to the world is the goal.
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Green means Energy: Touching the movement of greens, feeling the breath of a tree - variation of greens, blues and yellows made the lively tree a vivid artwork.
Green helps people calm down: the trees mixed with dark greens and blues creating peaceful atmosphere, there seemed to be with magic in the woods under moonlight….
Green releases stress: Light greens, lemon greens and dark greens, the mixture of greens and composition of the tree created some harmonious atmosphere, letting in fresh air.
Greens give lives to the earth: green tone colors go well with everything, variation of greens and multiple colors completed the lively artwork, delivering love and hope to people.