Stella Soomlais   Designing in Harmony with Nature
Stella Soomlais, the leather designer in Estonia, where is with multiple cultures and peoples, leading a kind of harmony aesthetic, and this is also applying on Stella Soomlais' leather designing – from design concept to manufacture process.
To maximize the use of materials is the way of being harmony with nature.
Using leathers as complete as possible, nothing decorative used when making bags, so every bag is easily repairable and re-designed, its life extended, too.
Someday when you’re tired of the bag, you may send it back to Stella’s workshop, by recycling the bag, some small and functional leather accessories will be made from the bag.
Only vegetable tanned leathers used, the natural tone colors go well with every season and every occasion, this is also the way of being harmony with nature.
Every bag of Stella's design is with different function for daily life, without extra decoration but clean silhouette, all the bags are durable and lasted for years, people just pick the one they need- think twice before buying, less waste, less harm to the earth.
In the future, Stella will keep exploring, creating, and trying everything possible in leather designing, delivering art aesthetic and functional designing to daily life.
Someday when you're tired of the bag, do not throw it away - send back to Stella's workshop for recycling...