Relaxing in Nature
Greens of landscape
by Chiao-I Chang, Taiwan 

Windmill: selected by USA North Light Books’ 2017 watercolor competition Splash 19: Illusion of Light! 

Variation of greens made the landscape peaceful and harmonious- something yellow mixed with green and brown, dark greens mixed with olive green extended from background to the river completed the landscape, also the browns mixed with blues and greens made the historical windmill, what a peaceful spot to stop people to take a deep breath~

Green color, makes people feel peaceful and harmonious, according to recently researches, relaxing in nature helps people lower stress hormone and improves blood pressure.  Enjoying the greens of landscape helps people relaxing in the concrete jungles.
Chaio-I Chang, a watercolor artist from Taiwan, prefers greens to vivid colors, applying greens on landscape harmoniously, keeping a low profile, despite of the market trending, Chaio-I focus on personal goal, keeps studying and working in watercolor artworks, being with opened mind, trying everything new in finding the best way of art, and travelling helps her finding something inspired unexpectedly.  
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The countryside: Open your window and let in some fresh air~ Could you smell the grassfragrance?  Lovely countryside for cycling and picnic~Light green mixed with olive green, yellows mixed with browns, the clear blue sky and layers of grassland completed the landscape.
Small town in the mountains: Even the cloudy day, greens make people relaxed and calm- dark greens mixed with olive green, dark brown and dark blue creating the silent atmosphere of the small town in the mountains, also the buildings in light browns, blues, and berries brought colors in rhythm.
A small house in the woods: Are you wondering if any magic being with the house?  Mixture of greens and blues made the mysterious house in the woods, surrounding by variation of dark greens, the humble colors created historical atmosphere and lasted for a long time.