Painting on woods
Sense and Sensibility of Wood Esthetics
Painting on woods

Growing up in the forest surroundings, Mr. Viktor Dubovik loves and knows wood very well, by wood carving, combining professional craft skill and natural wood material, Mr. Dubovik has given new life to the woods, extended life of the woods.

Being the follower of renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci, Mr. Dubovik paints on wood by the tools instead of brushes – respecting the rule of realism, well management in: light and shade contrast, liner perspective, precise proportioned…etc., making wood being the art in a kind of balance style.

Figure 1: Dramatic effect of light & shade contrast.
Figure 2: Extended space by liner perspective.
Figure 3: Precise proportion completes the artwork.
Time-Consuming Handmade Esthetics.

The keys to keep original wood texture and grain, it must spends 3~ 5 years waiting before carving.

1. Only in Winters: Selecting proper woods in winter only, for the woods keep less moisture in winters, this is helpful in drying process.
2. Natural Drying process: awaiting 3 ~5 years before working, humidity kept in around 8% ~ 10 % only.
3. Only natural coating, wax, oil accepted in finishing artworks.

Such time-consuming and complicated process can  achieve  the wood carving craft and creative painting in the perfect combination.