Carry Away in Style, Wear Colors in Harmony

Colors are the mother tongue of subconscious ~  by Carl Gustav Jung ( Swiss psychologist 1875 ~1961 )

Everyone gets one’s own colors!  The color you wear means your emotions, your thoughts, and your taste. Each color is with different meaning: black means elegance, white means purity, red means power, and, the earth tone colors mixed by greens and browns are one of the long lasting colors, go well with occasions.

Green color means peace and harmony, brown makes people feel dependable, and the earth tone colors mixed by greens and browns make people releasing in occasions.
Photo credit: Xun’s photography
Fashion fades, but the earth tone colors last for seasons, forgetting market trending, focusing on working out the long lasting artworks, STELLA SOOMLAIS from Estonia gives handbags new look by colors in harmony with nature.
STELLA SOOMLAIS ~ from Estonia

Designing in Harmony with Nature
Using natural processed leathers, such as vegetable tanned leather, natural surface coated chrome tanned leather, respecting the rule of precise and practical, less decoration, less waste, clean and sharp design with earth tones, goes well with occasions, each bag plays different role in daily life, you can carry the bag to library, or -for a long day off, or- for working hard.
To avoid waste, using leathers as complete as possible by smart design and cutting, the distinctiveness comes from color and grain variation when leather aged. Respecting to nature and art, the classic design with earth tone colors lasts for seasons, carrying the bag properly, it will last for years, an elegant way of less waste in wardrobe. 
Relaxing in Nature – Greens in Harmony with Nature

What if finding a peaceful corner inside the frame?  What if feeling the energy delivered by a painting? Green color has the power of healing, helps people release stress and calm down, enjoying the art aesthetic of paintings is the good way of relaxing, for people living in concrete jungles, it’s easier to go to galleries than the nature. Color variation of greens creates harmonious atmosphere, and the lively composition with light-shade contrast empowers people with hope and joy.

Art heals, green color represents peace and hope for the soul in some ways, from landscape to free spirited creation, let’s enjoy and relax in the greens.
Free spirited art: multiple medium by Mirjam Molder-Mikfelt
Landscape: watercolor by  Chiao-I Chang