Being precise and practical

Mr. Eduard Baisarov, is a Russian fashion designer,  with engineering education and experience in wood furniture, touched by the beauty of wood, presenting simplicity and wood grain by designing hand bags for daily occasions, especially Eduard focus on precisely construction and practical daily usage rather than over decoration, hopes people can enjoy the warmness and beauty of wood, the art of nature. 

Eduard had a strong desire to run a business while he worked in the other workshop. He took a long period creating practical accessories and gain more experience in design and artistic.  Five years ago, our brand “COOB&Nautilus” was born, and the first of wooden glasses was made, and then two years later the first bag and clutches were launched. Today, these accessories are successfully well-known and are chosen by somelocal celebrities to show their stylish.

Due to the engineering background, Eduard was perfoundly influence by the development history of geometry.

A clear and precise line inspired him to come up with the idea of unique design, and then  the first prototype of the Geometrics series was made after a few adjustments. Looking at the series of Geometrics, it’s obvious to identify the concept of simplicity and practicality in the design. Geometry has rooted deeply in his heart.
Eduard believes natural material is an exotic that keeps its heat and texture.
A tree is a warm living material that has its own unique pattern. By carefully choosing only the best pieces of wood, the master creates a form for what nature itself has created. It’s the best way to truly express yourself through unique pattern in the world.