Reaching to Balance in Style
Thanks to the richest forest resources in the world, with 1/4 of the forest in the world, over 45% of the continent covered by forest, despite of the very ultimate climate – extremely cold: -71.2 C and extremely hot: 45 C, Russia gets her own balance with the help of forests. From architecture, kitchen wares, toys to art, wood is the easy and affordable material for daily usage, especially wood material gives warmness to people while long and cold nights.
Russia gets her own balance with the help of forests. With the very balance position, Russia across both Europe and Asia, maintaining her own tradition while influenced by west Europe culture, especially after Peter the Great reforms and Art Nouveau from Paris, romantic styling found in the fields of architecture and folk art, lifestyle…etc., even one of the coldest, strongest countries in the world, Russia combines royal solidity and romantic softness, creating her own way of elegance. 
Here’s the delicate example of Russian elegant balance, the classic and romantic wooden architectures at Tomsk, Siberia, Russia, the open-air wooden architecture museum. Traditional wooden houses with curved and sophisticated lace patterns, look like European style but with solid construction of Russian traditional architecture crafts, the art aesthetic given by the architectures brings beauty and joy to the hard and cold continent. 
The classic and romantic wooden architectures at Tomsk, Siberia, Russia.
Russian house wooden lace
Everyone looks for one’s own balance in the life, no matter what conditions, even the worst or the best for one, looking to the opposite, sometimes we find the different way there, and the differences are just like yellow and blue, the complementary colors complete a painting well – creating your own perfect proportion, combination of something new and something old, something great and something normal, reach to the balance you’d like.    
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