Awaiting Something Lovely Leads to a Better Life – take time to find the aesthetic by independent designers. 

Expectation leads to better life!  Being tired of daily routines, being used to what you’ve had – what if setting higher expectation on yourself?  Awaiting something better and focusing on the direction right, one’s performance will be positively influenced.

According to Robert Rosenthal Effect, when the teacher showed sincerity and had higher expectation on some students, the students resulted in getting higher scores than before in return.  Expectation could affect reality and create self-fulfilling prophecy.

Awaiting something better, awaiting something lovely, it’s a journey full of hope and one’s performance enhanced before the result comes out.

The very convenient services by corporations make us almost forget what expectation means- fast food, fast fashion, multiple options with friendly price, you can get everything you want everywhere in seconds, no one doubts what and who have been affected under this kind of economy type – despite of the similar designs with others on the streets, despite of over wastes, just buy, no one wants to wait for one more second…
Over wastes, overtime work with unreasonable wages, controversy over copyright, the  controversy caused by some fast fashion corporations, no matter what the truth is, the truth is, what you think and what you look for will affect your lifestyle eventually….
If you’ve ever been looking for something better, something different, it’s time for you to wait for a moment and stop to think, who will be affected while you buying something, what could be different if you make different choice…
Fashion fades, only Style remains – handmade with limited capacity, different from that of mass production, the independent designer workshop usually hires local craftsmen, taking few weeks to few months in production, being lack of scale economy, comes out the products with higher cost, if any extra service need, that will be charged to consumers, such as international shipping and maintenance, based on the principle of user pays, this is some way of fair trading.
Without the financial support from corporations, the independent designer makes one’s own decision in product planning and designing, no responsible to the sales goal set by stockholders, despite of the trending of mass market, the independent designer focus on one’s own designing concept, and this is where the uniqueness and distinctiveness comes.      

Taking time in awaiting something lovely leads to better life, being elegant, being smart, thinking before buying, carry away in style, the Muses are willing to share the joy from expectation and handmade elegance with you all.