The online boutique of independent designer handbags.  The info. cloud salon of arts & lifestyle.

Applying art esthetic to daily life, adding value to independent designer brands by combination of art & fashion, creating one- of- a- kind style...
The Muses Business Focus:
Independent Designer’s brand handbag

Being tired of fast fashion and celebrity fashion trending on the medias all the time – the art works by independent designers give the unique symbol different from those of mass production – Each art work gives independent character to individual one who looks for being her/his self.

Respecting individual designing concept, creating independent style.
The Muses Business Focus:
Specialize in handbags Business only.

We believe handbag, presenting one’s statement, telling one’s taste.

People carried their handbags with their own secrets & essentials inside, and that is why handbag symbolizes style.

Handbag is the combination of art and lifestyle, inspiring with art aesthetic!  
Co-Founder: Ms. S. C.

Being a art lover, Ms. S. C. always looks for the perfect art works to combine the art with lifestyle, then she found HANDBAG is the best representative, people carried bags which show one’s taste and sense. Aiming at working out  www.muses-carriedaway.com, to introduce unique handicraft bags in an elegant way.
Co-Founder: Ms. S. L.

Ms. S.L. mainly focuses on delivering the product value and planting the brand image in ones’ mind through integrated marketing strategies. 

She believes consumers are looking for inspiration from their daily purchase. Connect art and lifestyle is an exciting mission to her, and www.muses-carriedaway.com is going to create a whole new phase in her life.  
Co-Founder: Mr. S. H.

As an interior designer and street artist, Mr. S.H. endeavors to apply the art esthetics to daily life usages,for the Muses, Mr. S. H. is in charge of visual designing,and consultant on art history & design.